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Minggu, 20 November 2011

Mechwarrior (U) Snes portable

Mechwarrior (U) Snes portable

One of the interesting parts of MW:3050 is it’s obvious lack of a modernized HUD and map system. The only thing that keeps you informed of where you need to be heading is the occasional transmission when you complete an objective, telling you to head east to destroy your next one.

The lack of a permanent on-screen map can be quite frustrating at times, and considering you are controlling a 4 story high death machine a millennia in to the future you would have assumed that they’d have GPS figured out. The only HUD system present in MW:3050 is the coolant bar where red means bad, and the ammo counter. At the same time the minimal HUD can be refreshing as there can be more killing displayed on screen.

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